ARAI PARTS provides high-quality products based on its excellent technical capabilities.
And it opens up a new field of cold heading.
Being attracted by the limitless possibility of cold heading (plastic working),
ARAI PARTS pursues VA and VE activities
to thereby contribute to society and the environment.

What is cold heading?

Compression molding with which a material is drawn, inflated (upset), hollow-molded, and so on continuously at room temperature without being heated with tools, a die and a punch, is called cold heading.

This processing is a type of plastic working, in which coiled materials are used, cut to a specified length, and molded in sequence, which causes no oxidized scale seen in hot processing to be generated.

In addition, differently from cutting, cold heading generates almost no cutting chips, and its processing speed is high. Therefore, you need lower costs for materials and processing.

While parts have become more multifunctional and complicated recently, users need lower costs and higher quality. In order to satisfy these conflicting needs, net shaping (with no cutting) is indispensable.

As a method of realizing the net shaping, cold heading has been paid attention to.

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